1. ukzhi0z1R
    Comment posted by Robson on Monday 19 of August, 2013 10:08:05 EDT
    from the over-saving' habits,she is the kind of posern that suppress emotion a lot, so her anger expanded later, and vent explosively,so the later she suppress her anger, the more anger she has..so after a day , she feels even more angry. and i think this time , it's different, she killed 3 before just to save guard her blog, and the reason why she blogs is that she builds her self-esteem there. She doesnt want it to collaspe while those 3 ppl did say sth that might create potential risk for the collaspe, so she can still calmly kill them by poisons. But what her classmate said directly makes her self-esteem collaspe, couple with the prolong suppressed hatred to that classmate, she can no longer control her emotion and kill her by knife..I love the B-ring' plot,hope that continue and create funny crossover!!
    1. Being a recent user
      Comment posted by Adam on Monday 21 of December, 2015 17:57:10 EST
      Being a recent user of this apaiicptlon, I do not know how valid my opinion may be but a few things that I immediately noticed included how easy it was to use, how organized it was and how convenient it was. First, having many relatives in Korea, I know that international calls can get very expensive. With Skype, there is a very small cost to making international calls and it's even free if you video chat! It is such an easy way to stay in touch with anyone you live far away from allowing face-to-face interactions instead of just emotionless words. The quality of the video depends on the individuals video camera and they may need to purchase a separate microphone but in the end, I believe it is worthwhile because you can now easily make calls/video calls if you just have access to the internet. The only downside I see to this apaiicptlon is that the video chat may lag depending on how fast the internet connection is but in the end, it is an apaiicptlon I would recommend for those with family or friends in other states or countries.Although it may seem weird to video chat with teachers, in a group setting (group chat), it may seem a little less awkward. Maybe the teacher would like to share a little lesson with the students or maybe the students would like to get some one-on-one help with homework but is out of town, Skype allows these problems to be solved. For those willing to pay a little, you can make group calls allowing you to interact with numerous people at once. It may be a little hectic since everyone may overlap while talking, depending on their internet speed, but with a small group of people that are maybe working on a project or just getting help from one another, this apaiicptlon can also be used in an educational setting.
  2. Skype is a video cha
    Comment posted by John on Monday 21 of December, 2015 18:17:19 EST
    Skype is a video chat application that is free and easy to use. Via Skype, it is easy to stay cnnoected with people when they are far away. The use of Skype is very intuitive and once you have joined, it is easy to search for friends and family. The video quality depends on Internet connections on either end but is usually very good. I have used Skype many times to talk to friends and loved ones when I could not be with them, and seeing their faces really is much better than a simple phone call.Skype could be used in an educational setting in that a teacher could have after school help sessions with various groups of students. They could set up a Skype conversation to teach an extra lesson for the students who need extra help on a certain subject. The teacher could use visuals via the video, and send through notes using the chat portion of Skype. This would be a very interactive way to teach students after school if they could not stay after for whatever reason.
  3. strona www
    Comment posted by dadsrato on Thursday 01 of February, 2018 22:49:47 EST
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