An Open Letter to the Libyan People

from Stephen Adler, March 27th, 2011


News(external link) is coming out about an Italian, German, and Turkey sponsored plan to establish an end game scenario for the Libyan conflict. A quote from Bloomberg details.

"Italy’s plan would include a ceasefire monitored by the United Nations and a permanent 'humanitarian corridor' that it is working on with Turkey’s government, Frattini was cited as saying. The plan would back the African Union to convince leader Muammar Qaddafi to leave Libya, according to the newspaper."

This plan is like, WTF? The only bit which needs to be done is to set up a humanitarian corridor to get aid to Tripoli, Misurata, Benghazi and all the other cities devastated by this war. The United Nations resolution 1973 was set up explicitly to protect civilians from Gaddafi's attack dogs. It's up to Gaddafi to call a cease fire, not Italy, Germany and Turkey. It's also up to Gaddafi to give himself up as a failed dictator that he is. A plan to convince Gaddafi to leave Libya? Gaddafi's next home is a prison cell awaiting trial, not some lavish home in the middle of Africa or South America. This also goes for his children who command armies attacking and killing Libyan citizens. Forcing a cease fire, is basically cancelling UN resolution 1973. If the air strikes stop now, Gaddafi would just unleash another round of murderous horror on the citizens of Libya.

Muammar and<br>Silvio, Bunga<br>Bunga Buddies

To me, seeing this plan surface from Italy, means that Gaddafi has called his buddy Berlusconi, (yes, bunga bunga alright!) pleading for a way out. Berlusconi, maybe remembering the good times he had with his pal Muammar, who introduced him to the bunga bunga party life style, is now pulling strings for him behind the diplomatic scene. It makes me sick to my stomach to watch this unfold. "Encourage Gaddafi to leave Libya..." as if Gaddafi should go.

There is only one end game for Libya. Libyans should march into Bab al-Azizia, AKA Gaddafi's bunker, capture Gaddafi and his sons, place them under arrest, and make them stand trial for their crimes against the Libyan citizens. This is the only way the Libyan citizen can bring closure to 42 years of terror, assault, torture, and murder committed in the name of Gaddafi's hunger for wealth and power.

Berlusconi can try to sway opinion as much as he wishes among the NATO member states, but its up to you, the Libyan people, to accept it or not. You asked for the 'No Fly Zone Plus' and it was given to you. Its up to you, the Libyans, to ask for humanitarian help and to organize how its dispensed. It's up to you, the Libyan people, to figure out how you will run your country in the post Gaddafi era. And its certainly up to You, the Libyan people, on how you wish to deal with Gaddafi and his family. It's not up to Berlusconi, Germany, Turkey, or NATO.

Justice to Libya

Libyan's, say NO to allowing Gaddafi to escape Libya. Bring justice to your country's men and women. Go to Bab al-Azizia, put Gaddafi and his sons under arrest, and make them stand trial for their crimes. This will bring justice to your revolution, and pave the way to the New Libya.

If Gaddafi is allowed to go free and retain even just a faction of the Libyan money he's stolen, this would only embolden dictators around the world to continue their rein of oppression and robbery of the citizens of their respective countries. We have to do all we can to bring an end to dictatorships who rule by oppression. Gaddafi has to be taken down and brought to justice by the Libyans. It's imperative that this opportunity to show justice to the world not be let go.