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    Tumblr is a great it
    Nada Mon 21 of Dec, 2015 18:30 EST

    Tumblr is a great item to use when blogging but like all other blog sites it isn't very unqiue and creative. The website is easy to use which makes it easier for Tumblr users to be acquainted with it faster. The user can post just about anything from pictures to videos to even articles and following another user is how you are accessed to other users. I can see this blog being used in an educational setting by providing students with articles and educational videos that can easily found on the teachers blog instead of going through a process such as blackboard. My only concern is that Tumblr is a public blog that anyone could follow and comment on the material being posted. Although, for most mature students this wouldn't be a problem. You can also use the blog as a discussion blog which can be very useful like the one we use on Blackboard 9.
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