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    Tumblr. is a user-
    Gurami Mon 21 of Dec, 2015 18:17 EST

    Tumblr. is a user-friendly and simple wesibte to use. There is also the benefit of the wesibte being free. It is very convenient, as blogging, posting images, links, etc. can all be done on this wesibte, just as long as you have a username/e-mail address and password. The blogging is something that I can use in my classroom, as a Math teacher. A student could possibly have trouble with the day's homework, so a way that the students can come to me for help is via Tumblr. Hence, I will get an e-mail, and reply to the person who needs help as soon as possible. The links I post can be tutorial videos on the material, so that the students can try to grasp the material in a different perspective. For example, being a Calculus teacher, someone could have issues with learning how to evaluate limits or differentiating a function, and so putting a link (YouTube video from someone like patrickjmt, khanacademy, etc.), could help them to grasp the content better and improve their grade.