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    As it has been previ
    Bruno Mon 21 of Dec, 2015 18:40 EST

    As it has been previously sttaed, I would agree that Tumblr. is a very easy and user-friendly blogging site. The site is free and open to everyone and is also very simple to set up. Tumblr. makes it easy to post practically anything (text, audio, video, pictures, etc.) right onto your page. This site also allows you to follow other blogs, which provides an easy social connection with other people and pages.In an educational setting, I think this application would be very beneficial and convenient for teachers, students, and also parents. This site would provide a place for teachers to post lesson plans, videos, worksheets, etc. for parents to view and comment on when needed. Just like WordPress, Tumblr. provides a convenient and simple connection between parent, teacher and student all with just one link.