Steve's Archive

What follows are links to my original articles I posted to 'da net, starting back in 1998 and continuing for a couple of years through 2000. Basically right at the peak of the Internet boom which coincided with with the emergence of the Linux/Free Software/Open Source phenomena. I knew something important was a foot, and I took advantage of my Linux desktop, (which ran the apache web server back then,) to start publishing my own personal accounts of Linux/Free Software, the people behind the movement, and my journeys to various conferences related to the subject in some way, on the Internet. I believe the articles were read by a large number of digerati and they did make a small imprint on the "conversation" going on on the Internet at the time. Today, you can't sneeze without hearing about some blogger getting air time on national television, and influencing national politics. (There is one example I'm thinking of right now, but don't want to mention it.) We'll, here are some "blogs", where were put out there before the term blog existed. I would contend, that I may actually have been the first blogger.

My first blog, my write up of my attending the Fall Internet World 1998
Preserving the Information Ecosystem
An Ode to Richard Stallman
The Slashdot Effect
Addendum to The Slashdot Effect
Linus at FNAL - Spring Comdex 1999 - Linux Global Summit
It's Only a One Day Conference
Donald Becker Speaks about Beowulf at NYLUG
Bob Young Speaks at LXNY
SC2KYASCC; Super Computing 2000, Yet Another Super Computing Conference