An open letter to the Libyan National Transitional Council

To: The National Transitional Council
Date: March 20th, 2011

You now have the full backing of the Arab League, the United Nations and the military support of France, England, Canada, US and others in your fight to bring democracy to Libya. Gaddafi's troops are just outside Benghazi attacking. Misurata is reported to be under heavy attack. So what are the next steps ahead?

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To start, Gaddafi is going to launch an all out media war. Since Gaddafi controls Libyan State TV, you will soon hear of the horrors which the UN backed military effort will be causing. Children will be dying by the thousands. Hospitals, schools and mosques will the targets of US aggression. The true intent of the western powers will be to take the oil away from the Libyan people through another wave of colonization and turn all Libyans into slaves. Gaddafi will declare he never hurt any Libyan citizen, and he is battling only a few Al-Qaeda thugs who have taken up positions inside Benghazi. Gaddafi will show video of his supporters chanting his name in praise as proof that the people of Libya love him. Misinformation and disinformation will be gushing from Gaddafi's media machine.

A dead Libyan<br>mercenary

Gaddafi's loyalist will be hard to predict. I would not be surprised if the mercenaries start to flee back to their countries of origin once they realize that they will be attacked by first world military technology. They know, just as we have seen in the chilling videos put out during the Iraq wars, of the precision of the 'smart bombs'. This is not 1970's Soviet technology they are fighting against. Furthermore, the UN backed military response has come just hours after resolution 1973 passed the Security Council. Gaddafi has erred in the political resolve of the International community. I'm even surprised at how quickly military action has taken place. On the other hand, they could continue to fight for Gaddafi thinking that he will repay them with Libyan oil money in one way or another. Gaddafi is a master of playing one against another, with offers of wealth and threats of death. Gaddafi has lined up a close knit group of supporters, controlled through his immediate family. Gaddafi's hand picked close supporters are the ones who need to fight to the death in order to for them to retain whatever power and wealth Gaddafi has or will given them. They should be aware that as easy as Gaddafi can give, he can take away. The only people Gaddafi is truly loyal too is his own children. The rest are just pawns in his game of controlling Libya's oil wealth and maintaining his power over it.

In the face of this current situation, here are the steps the Council needs to take.

Start by fighting the Gaddafi media machine. Put out your own press releases of the events which are going on around the council, Benghazi and the other Libyan cities. You need to be clear about the goals of the Council repeatedly. You have listed them in your declaration which established your council. Show the world your intent is to protect the Libyan people, its borders and to transition to a new government which attains its legitimacy to rule through a democratic process. The establishment of the NTC is in part the legitimacy which backs the support of the Arab League and the United Nations. It is upon your shoulders to continue your work as the center piece of the movement which will ultimately bring change in Libya.

You need to reach out to all the cities in Libya, and co-ordinate the actions necessary to put in place the interim government necessary to rule your country. This will take massive logistical co-ordination. You will also need to rebuild your army so that you can bring control over your own country. This will require you to move against Gaddafi's forces to defeat them. It will be imperative to work with the UN forces to ensure co-ordinated strikes, thus allowing you to move your forces to either attack Gaddafi's or just mobilize your defences through out the country thus taking control in each city. The UN forces are there to neutralize Gaddafi's military power. This is your trump card. Play it. Through your re-established communication channels, request the UN military support to attack Gaddafi's tanks which are threatening your cities. You have the ultimate weapon, the support of the Libyan people. Gaddafi only has cronies and mercenaries.

Seeking a<br>new Libya

The final step is to start a march towards Tripoli with the ultimate goal of isolating Gaddafi and removing him from power. The best motivational strategy to do this is by putting out an arrest warrant for Gaddafi and the members of his family who have committed crimes against the Libyan people. The list of indictments needs to be drawn up, and made public through your press office. This will include the embezzlement of 100's of billions of dinars from the Libyan people during his tenure in power, the use of torture and murder against the people who opposed his rule during his 42 years of rule, and his brutal attacks against the citizens who rose against him starting February 17th, 2011, demanding their true citizen rights be restored. The arrest warrant will give the mission of retaking Tripoli a knifes edge which will focus the people of Libya on the ultimate goal of regaining their freedom and establishing democratic rule.

The United Nations has opened the door for the Libyan people to take control of their own destiny. Libya, it is time to step through that door. This opportunity will not come again for at least another generation.