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I just read Stallman.html, and I am very flattered.
But I should point out the facts on a few points.

1. I don't think Jay freaked when he turned around and saw
me. I thought he was amused. (He and I have known each other
for some ten years or more.)

2. I personally have never worked on the Hurd--other people do that.
Likewise, I did not say that I personally would write an ICQ server or
a replacement for SAP. I don't expect that I will do this--I don't
have time. The replacement for SAP will probably be a number of
programs written by various people. It may take years before we have it,
but we will get it sooner or later.

3. It sounds as if I were being unfriendly to the English
reporter--"not giving her the time of day." My feelings were entirely
friendly; I told her I was busy that day, because I was busy that day.