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Thanks for doing that writeup on the conference. You may remember me — I
was sitting immediately to your right at the free source session in front
of the 'establishment' guys. Hope you didn't equate me with them. One
point that I thought was interesting about the session was rms' response to
my rhetorical question about how the little guy/company would be able to
make money producing free software. His answer was basically that one
should not think so much about selling a product as providing a service for
a fee. It will be an interesting world when software developers suddenly
have to become (or team up with) service providers... kind of reminds me of
how so many doctors (medical ones, that is) have gotten screwed by the
HMO's and big hospitals because so few of them know the first thing about
business. Anyway... thanks again — I enjoyed reading your piece. Keep up
the good work.

-Ken Herndon
ken at miele-herndon.com