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Just saw your wonderful set of notes mentioned on LinuxToday about the open
source discussions last week. I attach a note in which I begged off at
trying to summarize what was said. Thanks so much for capturing so well the
content and flavor of the discussions. I'm sure you can become the "roving
reporter" for Slashdot and LinuxToday anytime you wish.

For those who haven't seen it, your report can be found at


I noted with particular interest your short note on the "IBM exception":


I don't think the termination clause is as bleak as Stallman describes it.
However, our attorneys are aware of the concern about this clause, both as
voiced by Richard and others. Indeed, I happened to get a call from one of
the attorneys an hour or so ago, as they want to have another go at
clarifying the language.

Your notes on the digital audio panel were very comprehensive — much
better than my sketchy notes, part of which I typed up and Sengan posted as
an "AC" submission on slashdot.

thanks again,

PS to Dave W: The Jikes masthead came up when I happened to come across the

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dave at linuxtoday.com
From: David Shields/Watson/IBM@
Subject: Re: small-world dept (Document link not converted)


It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday and participating in the
source-related panel organized by Jay Sulzberger. Though I had volunteered
to serve as "roving correspondent", I learned during the course of the day
that my note-taking skills were simply not up to the task of accurately
capturing what was said, either at the panel, or later on in the plenary
session, and so I plan to file no report on these sessions.

I did make some notes from the panel on digital audio issues, as I know Rob
Malda is interested in this topic. However, I can't think of any clear
news that came out — after all it was just a panel and I have no
background in this area — and so I don't think it's worth the effort of
trying to transcribe my notes from that session.

Re the licensing concerns you raised, you can e-mail them to me or Jim
Russell, or post them via jikes-license at watson.ibm.com (subscription
instructions can be found at http://www.ibm.com/research/jikes).


PS to all: I found the comments by the chap from AOL/ICQ most interesting.
Turns out that they have something like 25 million users and *average*
100,000 downloads of the software a day (the software is made available at
no cost, they make their money from ads at the download site). They can
observe the way in which the use of ICQ propagates. For example, it reached
China about six months ago, first showing up at universities, then
spreading through the local town, then on to the suburbs, and further out
through the country. All in all, a very vivid demonstration of the truly
global nature of the Internet.

PS to Sengan: The fellow who organized the session on digital music
mentioned that slashdot was his favorite web site! If you or Rob have any
interest in my notes on this session, I could read them to you over the

Please respond to rms at gnu.org

To: David Shields/Watson/IBM
cc: senganb at cyrix.com, jays at panix.com, jgleason at electriclichen.com, James
R Russell/Watson/IBM, James Barry/Boulder/IBM, dave at linuxtoday.com
Subject: Re: small-world dept

I hope that you will not describe my speech as relating to "Open
Source Software". That term is associated with a movement that has a
different view on the basic issues, and it would be inaccurate to make
it seem that the GNU Project is part of their movement.

What we do is Free Software. We developed the free operating system
GNU, which many people call "Linux".