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(No, my ode doesn't rhyme either.)

I very much enjoyed your Fall Internet World 98 article and so
was glad to see this new one. It's even better, methinks.

(Now the "but".) I'm almost getting used to fellow technoids misusing
the the noun "setup" as a verb instead of "set up", but you drove me
to distraction when you put the missing spaces into the words
"classroom", "meantime", "somehow", "thereof", and "download",
each of which you had as two words. And if you feel you MUST form
"wise" words, make it one word or hyphenate it; "software wise" is
incorrect. (Your teacher wants it: "in reference to software".)

Some people hate to have their errors noticed; I do too, but I
hope you, like me, try not to get mad, but live and learn.

Finally, a word about "free" software: Is software which is
owned by someone (e.g., the FSF) and covered by a 4100 word usage
licence (the LGPL) really "free"? I think RMS abuses the word.

Looking forward to your next journal, I am

an Anonymous Coward.