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Dear sir:
After a long waiting,I find they have updated the site of LG(chinese
version).Now you can find the translation of "An Ode to Richard
Stallman" at http://www.lug.org.cn/lg-zh/lg-zh/issue38/adler.html
Hope you forgive me for my expunging of some paragraphs discussing
commerial software industory.But I added some notes about the cultural
and political background.
Recently more and more chinese hear about Linux.But most of the people
don't know GNU and Richard Stallman,and even confuse free software with
"shareware"!(Maybe someone are misleading the public intentionally)I
beleive your article will be of help to implant the philosophy
of free software into people's brains.
Thanks again for your help!
Best Regards,

On Tue, 9 Mar 1999, Stephen Adler wrote:

> It is my pleasure to help with the translations. China and the eastern
> nations are the next great fronteer in our internet civilization. I'm
> looking forward to the time when I will be learning from you and your
> friends of new breakthroughs in software or any other kind of technology.
> Cheers.
> Steve.
> p.s. When the translated version of the articles are published, is it
> possible for you to send me a link to them so that I can reference them
> from my home page? Thanks.