To The Egyptian People,

You have now been deceived by a man who will not leave his position of
power, yet again. He has humiliated and patronized you in his last
speech which clearly shows the only thing he cares for is his own
power and legacy. He has destroyed both. "This is not about
me." Those words he uttered were the biggest lie he could have told
his own citizens.

The struggle has clearly reached a critical phase. What ever happens
tomorrow, will be recorded as a decisive event, which ever way history
unfolds, either peacefully or with blood being shed.

The line in the sand was drawn in Tahrir Square half way through Mubarak's
speech. The first demand of yours, Mubarak releasing power and
removing himself completely from the political scene, has to be
met. There is no going back.

The path to removing Mubarak peacefully, is a difficult one. He has
enjoyed the trappings of power and wealth for 30 years, he knows no
other life. He will not leave on his own.

The step forward is Unity with all Egyptians. Everyone must lock
hands, and walk in step, in order to make Mubarak's hold on power
irrelevant and thus removing him from power. What is power, but the
ability to will someone to do something at your command. A title of
President is meaningless if no one heads your word.

The Egyptian people need to take that power away, by showing Unity
across all ranks of its citizens. From the laborers, the students, the
professors and teachers, the elders to the soldiers. Everyone must
unite to bring this change.

This brings you, the Egyptian people, to the critical link in your
chain of Unity. The link between the Egyptian Soldier and the Egyptian
Citizen. The soldier is the ultimate weapon, the instrument of power,
which the regimes has. If it were not for the Soldier, the guns will
not fire and the tanks will not move. At this critical phase of Unity,
the Egyptian people need to reach out to the Soldiers and have them
join you and together lead Egypt into its new future. Without the
soldiers joining your cause, you will be facing tanks and
bullets. Mubarak does not care about his citizens, he cares about is
wealth and legacy. He will use the soldiers, once cornered, to strike
out at his own citizens. He does not pull the trigger, he orders the
solder to pull the trigger.

Every soldier was born of his parents. Thus I urge all Egytpians to call on
these parents to urge their sons, the soldiers of Egypt, to join in Unity
with the people of Egypt. The parents need to remind their sons, that
if they are ordered by their superiors to harm the Egyptians in front
of them, they are harming their own brothers and sisters.

Once the soldiers join your ranks, the people of Egypt unite and there
will be no force to stop you. You can then execute any change you
wish. You will have taken away the power from Mubarak and bestowed it
upon yourselves. You can establish yourselves in any building Cairo,
away from Mubarak, and start issuing decrees. You can make the changes
you wish to the constitution, you can set up the path to elections in
the way you see fit to guide your country to establish the citizen
liberty you seek.

The door is right there in front of you. All you need is to get every
Egyptian brother and sister together, from all walks of life, to join
and form one united hand of Egypt, place that hand on the
handle, pull the door open together and step into your new freedom.

You deserve liberty. You deserve to be in control of your own
destiny. The line has been drawn in the sand at Tahrir Square.

Egypt, we are all behind your struggle.

Feb 10th, 2011.