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This is the last page of the photo gallery. There is stuff from NASA
on here, some oddities from the Berkeley booth, the most advanced chat
room I've ever seen and other stuff.

This is someone from NASA who was demoing their carbon nano tube simulation. It was really cool. You could use your mouse to grab one of the carbon atoms and pull it away from the tube structure and watch the structure heat up by starting to vibrate a lot. You can sort of see the carbon tube structure on the right LCD display.

Even more cool, was their 3D display of the same carbon nano tube application. The had a 3D mouse, sort of like a pen. You could orient the carbon tub in any way you wished by moving the 3D mouse about the space in front of you. With the 3D glasses on, you basically had the tub structure right there in front of you as you moved it around and could poke at it by grabbing the carbon atoms and moving them around the structure. Its hard to describe, but believe me, it was a show highlight.

This is a simulation of a smoke ring which I found in the Berkeley booth.

Next to it was some network intrusion application being demonstrated. What I found interesting about this was that, yes, the Berkeley folk do use the TWM. And it was neat to see the TWM running on a 48 inch plasma display.

Researches at Indian are working on the next generation chat room. I don't know how many of you spend your free time in chat rooms, but 3 or 4 years from now, you'll need 3D glasses, and one of these electronic gloves so that you can pick up objects or punch out your opponent.

The Indiana booth had a nice couch from which you could watch the chat room demo. It also gives you a view of the show floor which you can see in the background.

The next generation conferencing tool. That's me taking a photo of the display in the top middle picture. Are virtual class rooms just around the corner? I hope not, I still like to be able to talk one on one with my professor.

The only bit of Free Software which I found running over at the Sun booth. Yes, the unmistakable xamin app.

No computer show can occur without the proverbiale game show going on at one of the booths. Here we have a bunch playing some kind of jeopardy game for tee shirts.

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